The enclosed catalog downloaded by users and usable upon request password e-mail (on our format contact), allows a quick consultation, research and dimensional comparison of the product for the car application, for ENERGY code for competitors codes and original.


The raw materials used are carefully selected and cared for and meet the high quality standards required by the original equipment; thanks to the current strict controls, only the finest materials are stored to be used and to guarantee maximum grip and quick response to braking.



Establishments producing pads and ENERGY brake discs feature a highly advanced technology of robotics. Thanks to the use of a sophisticated automation of all the production processes guarantees a high precision and a very small gap.



Our products are subject to various analyzes and control tests before being put on the market, and each production batch has to ensure and exceed the quality standards required . The result is a product equivalent in quality to the original, corresponding to the European homologation regulations ECE 90.



Our brake pads are subject to a stage production called scorching, only used by the major manufacturers. Thanks to a higher warming process at 750 ° are eliminated all the remaining gas in the raw material. Thanks to this production phase the pads acquire a porous upper layer which favors the rapid adaptation to the brake disc. This allows the brake pad and the disc to respond immediately in an excellent manner to extreme braking conditions.



A full range of over 1500 references of brake pads and brake discs, can cover 95% of the vehicle fleet in Europe.



The brake pads are fitted with a sheet "antivibro" conceived according to the characteristics required by the original equipment, to mitigate the vibrations produced by the braking system.



Our brake discs are made using high quality raw materials and chemical compositions that best suit the application of which it is intended. The mechanical workings are realized with machinery according to OEM standards, designed in such a way as to exclude geometric errors. Scrupulous controls of roughness, parallelism, swing, centering, balancing make it a product able to guarantee maximum safety, comfort and reliability.


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